Awards & Nominations

Facilitate nominations and awards right from your CRM: no selection required.

Collect nominations and aggregate winners with zero effort.

Simple Awards Nominations

  • Custom Forms

    Build custom submission forms to exclusively collect data you require.
  • Actual lookup, even from your CRM

    Enable to searches through either a pre-defined list of nominees or entire user base.
  • Full Export

    Export nominee lists and specifics for post-processing with your favorite software.

Popular Features

  • Powerful Custom Forms

    Build your own form using our expansive library of fields: Text, Upload, Search, ...   Read more

  • Custom Exports

    Display real-time, custom data tables and export in an instant.

  • White Label & Message Templates

    Customize your site's appearance, send e-mails from your domain, and customize all messages.   Read more

  • CRM User Search

    Let your users search nominees right directly from your CRM.

Workflows That Work For You

  • Define who can nominate

    Enable specific users, or groups, to determine nominees or define flags.
  • Limit Nominations

    Define a CRM flag or set the max number of nominations per user or group.
  • Blind Review

    Optionally hide confidential or sensitive information from the reviewer, on a per-field basis.