Efficiently and effectively rate competitors.

View, in real time, current winners and easily break ties.

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Application Forms

  • Custom Forms

    Build custom submission forms for the exact attendee information you require.
  • Performance Groups

    Automatically assign time slots, rooms, and judges to performances and modify assignments in real time.
  • Real-Time Reviews

    Judges can submit scores through mobile devices in an instant, as well check their scheduling.
  • Highlight and break ties

    Enable judges to resolve ties by re-ordering performances of competitors with the same score.

Popular Features

  • Powerful Custom Forms

    Build custom submission forms for the distinct information you require.   Read more

  • Real-Time

    Immediate results instead of round-based reviews.

  • Mobile First

    Applications and reviews via mobile streamline your event.

  • Performance Groups

    Define application logic and who reviews select groups of applicants.

  • Granular Review Scores

    Automatic formulas divvy a clear 0-100% score, according to your review form.   Read more

  • Review Assignment

    Automatically designate and evenly distribute review assignments among target groups.

  • Finals

    Move highest ranking performances to the finals, where ties can be broken.

  • Sponsors & Prizes

    Enable sponsors to offer prizes and announce winners.

  • White Label & Message Templates

    Customize the appearance of your site, send e-mails from your domain, and customize all messages.   Read more