Grants Management

Streamline grants and fellowships processing.

Fluent application structure makes it easy to organize and arrange payments for existing awardees.

Streamlined. Flexible. Efficient.

Simplified Grants Management

  • Event Timeline

    Cohesive event lists for awardees: add/remove/modify as necessary.
  • Payments

    Catalog payment information and scheduled/completed payments.
  • Custom Forms

    Quickly generate awardee forms via convenient templates and customizable options.
  • References

    Automatically send reference forms and remind them if necessary.
Admin's view of the awardee details & timeline

Popular Features

  • Powerful Custom Forms

    Build custom grant and awardee forms for the distinct information you require.  Read more

  • Branch Logic

    Add branches to your form that exclusively target relevant information.

  • Custom Exports

    Display real-time custom tables of your data; export instantly.

  • Pipeline Management

    Manage large pipelines via simple, automated steps to handle volume: drag & drop makes it easy.

  • Payments & Templates

    Default templates for grants with options to set payment intervals, as well as customize payments per awardee.

  • White Label & Message Templates

    Customize the appearance of your site, send e-mails from your domain, and customize all messages.  Read more

Simplicity by Design.

Reference confirms their role.