Networking & Matching

Added-value networking at events; no configuration required.

Enable attendees to look each other up, find mutually available slots, and schedule meetings.

Request. Match. Schedule.

Event Registry & Requests

  • Browse & Request

    Participants can browse/search the registry and apply for meetings with specific companies or individuals, as well request prioritization.
  • Scheduling Algorithm

    Our algorithm finds the ideal scenario based on scheduling and individual priority, maximizing attendees' number of meetings.
  • Manual Scheduling

    Attendees can reschedule their pre-scheduled appointments and auction off available slots.

Popular Features

  • Profile

    Every registered company can opt to partake and create a profile for attendees' reference.

  • Prioritized Requests

    Each attendee can assign priorities to their requests, offering true balance to events.

  • Group Limitations

    Define attendee groups and their max amount of requests to other groups or groups of groups.

  • Algorithmic Precision

    Our algorithm finds all possible scenarios among attendees' meeting requests, as well the best possible appointments based on availability and prioritization, for each attendee.

  • Full Control

    Attendees can cancel pre-scheduled appointments and block time slots, auctioning off any free time to a set of companies.

  • Representative and Company

    Teams of company reps can easily manage individual requests and schedules, as well as coordinate who should meet registrants expressing interest in their company - Our algorithm finds the best matches for your representatives.

  • White Label & Message Templates

    Customize your site's appearance, send e-mails from your domain, and customize all messages.   Read more