Initiate Sessions in One Click.

Quickly accept submissions to your event through simple or complex forms, generate event program indexes, and more.

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Compose Sessions From Submissions Using Drag & Drop

Popular Features

  • Avoid Duplication

    Create sessions from submissions, both linked and exportable.

  • Plan Visually

    Drag & drop sessions as if using a personal calendar.

  • Generate & Export

    Generate program indexes, sessions, and participants: seamlessly export.

  • Custom Fields - Assign & Filter

    Define and re-use fully searchable fields for room designation, tracking, categories, and more.

  • Search instantly

    Find all sessions, submissions, and form fields in an instant.

  • Catch Conflicts Early

    Define rules to avoid conflicts; our algorithms show what works and what doesn't.
    Coming Soon

  • White Label & Message Templates

    Customize the appearance of your site, send e-mails from your domain, and customize any message sent to your users.   Read more

The Most Powerful Session Scheduler

  • Define Your Program

    Organize sessions and panel sessions from accepted submissions.
  • Drag & Drop in Calendar

    Our Visual Scheduler allows event scheduling in minutes.
  • Custom Fields

    Flexible templates for rooms, tracks, and everything else you could need.
  • Exports that matter

    Export program indexes, participant lists, and sessions for efficient management.

Swim Lanes - View appointments by their distinct values