Build Powerful Forms for Submitters and Reviewers

Automate review assignments and leverage meaningful reports that expand with your data.

Abstract & Submission Management

  • Custom Forms

    Build custom submission forms for the distinct information you require.
  • Convert to Sessions

    Automatically convert submissions to sessions for your event program.
  • Attachments

    Submissions use private cloud-storage to upload, select, and send attachments; nothing is lost.


Popular Features

  • Powerful Custom Forms

    Create specific forms using our expansive library of fields: Text, Uploads, Searches ...   Read more

  • Branch Logic

    Add branches to your form that exclusively target relevant information.

  • Custom Exports

    Display real-time custom tables of your data; export instantly.

  • Authors & Roles

    Options for collaborative efforts and role/lead assignation.

  • Editable Submissions

    Self-service and admin options for changing individual submissions.

  • Granular Review Scores

    Automatic formulas divvy a clear 0-100% score, according to your review form.   Read more

  • Review Assignment

    Automatically designate and evenly distribute review assignments among target groups.

  • Quizzes

    Create quizzes that, upon review, gauge participants' overall decisions and individual answers.
    Coming Soon

  • Workflow Management

    Unlimited submission and review phases with their own forms, groups of reviewers, and logical followthrough.

  • White Label & Message Templates

    Customize the appearance of your site, send e-mails from your domain, and customize all messages   Read more

Review Automation

  • Auto-Assign Reviews to Peers

    Automatically assign reviewers new submissions, based on availability.
  • Blind Review

    Optionally hide confidential or sensitive information from the reviewer, on a per-field basis.
  • Custom Review Forms

    Per-Field Review Criteria allows detailed reviews in each field of your forms.
  • Staged Review & Phases

    Structure workflow and designations to your specific needs, from abstract and submission phases to junior and senior reviews.

Define multiple review phases with unique, stage-specific forms for each group of reviewers.