The Program Management Platform


Custom Forms

Build custom submission forms to ask users to submit exactly the information you require.

Convert to Sessions

Once you decided on the conference program, automatically convert submissions to sessions with speakers.


Submitters have their own private cloud-storage that they can upload to and select attachments from, nothing gets lost.

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Process-Oriented Flow Of Submissions


Auto-Assigning Reviews to Peers

Each new submission can automatically be assigned to your pool of reviewers.

Custom Review Forms

Per-Field Review Criteria provide detailed reviews on a per-field basis according to your needs.

Staged Review & Phases

Whether Abstract- and Submission-Phases, or Junior- and Senior Reviews - You can configure forms, order and flows to fit your workflow

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Event scheduling without the hassle


Workflow Design

Our Visual Scheduler was designed to allow you to schedule your event in minutes, with automatic conflict indication.

Unlimited Calendar Layers

Manually or automatically add layers for all participants, tracks, and many more, and quickly browse and even overlap them.

Speaker Management

Enquire speaker availability and easily convert paper submissions into an event with sessions.

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Engage Attendees at the Event



Host competitions at your events to even further your audience’s engagement.

Automatically schedule performances, judges rate them, then simply publish the scores right from the platform.

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Networking & Matching

Connect professionals using our highly configurable matching algorithm and let your attendees develop the best network at your events.

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