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Value for your Customers

  • A seamless, user-centric experience

    Engage via a modern and easy-to-use interface that drives high retention. Optimize workflows, all white-labeled for brand alignment!
  • Control data silos

    Create sessions directly from submissions, speaker info attached, to keep in sync. Stay on top of data in real time.
  • Take submissions to the next level

    Create attendee sessions via dynamic submissions, utilize our full-fledged scheduler to assign time slots, rooms, and other facets via drag-and-drop; generate program indexes and program books to your specifications.

We integrate with the tools you already use.

A Strong Partner

  • Mutual success and great results

    We deliver outstanding customer support and actively engage with our clients' suggestions and requests regarding product enhancement. Our team works closely with client reps to ensure high-quality solutions their organizations value.
  • A proven technology company

    Slayte constantly improves and builds better, more intuitive solutions that enhance your events. Engineers at heart, we conduct daily code audits and hold user experience labs to enhance our platform.
  • Need something custom?

    Our team can deliver custom integrations while remaining far more cost-effective than other players or agencies. Don't hesitate to ask us about customizations.